This is Product Packaging West's research-and-development laboratory. Test samples are created and revised to formulate products that meet your requirements.

Quality control testing is paramount in the lab. All ingredients used must pass our stringent control standards before use. Then, the finished products are again tested for quality, stability and consistency.

Laboratory analysis:
• Microbial, yeast and mold aerobic plate count
• Chemistry
• Stabilty
• Specific gravity
• Viscocity
• Ph
• Component leak testing
• Packaging compatability testing
• Label panel

PPW also has extensive experience working with fragrances. From sweet and fruity for kids to scents that will please the most sophisticated olfactory palate, we can produce the perfect aroma for your products.

Art and science meet creativity in our R&D lab, the result: winning products for today's increasingly sophisticated and discriminating consumers.

• New product formulation
• Improve existing formulation
• Experienced chemists
• Lab technicians
• Microbiologist
• Commitment to research
• Implementation of latest technologies
• Certificate of analysis and MSDS documentation generated